Our Breeding Principles

Principles at the heart of our herd.


We believe that at a profitable beef enterprise requires cows that calve easy and calve every year. So calving ease and fertility are primary drivers in profitable operations. And cornerstones of our stud.


No bull or cow can be a one trick pony. So all our breeding decisions rely on the fusion of genetics that bring balance but progressive improvement.

Globally sourced

Whilst Australia remains our main genetic pool, the USA and Canada are also included. Despite production drivers in North America being different to those in Australia, their massive genetic pools are often the source of 'little gems'.

Our Foundation and Past Sires

Proven sires from Australia and North America
Te Mania Berkley B1

Te Mania Berkley


Te Mania Berkley remains the standout, Australian Angus sire in the past 20 years. He is the core sire in our Australian foundation sires sought out for his calving ease and marbling.

Pathfinder Komplete

Pathfinder Komplete


A super-sound, docile calving ease specialist with muscle and natural thickness. A trait leader for calving ease, gestation length birth weight and fat. A bull that delivers delivers maximum calving ease performance.

Te Mania Emporer

Te Mania Emperor


An easy doing, high growth Berkley son who expresses lots of natural thickness, body length and phenotype.Emporer remains the highest selling Angus sire with over 8,000 progeny.

Millwillah Krakatoa

Millwillah Krakatoa


A Matuari Reality son who carries his calving ease, temperament and carcass shape. He also imparts a true B butt shape. His dam is by the dog quiet, carcass king Coonable Elevator.

Ayrvale Hercules

Aryvale Hercules


Ayrvale Hercules H9 is a long, soft, easy doing E7 son with great movement and eye appeal.He is in the top 1% of the breed for carcase weight, the top 2% for gestation length and marbling and the top 4% for eye muscle area.

Rennylea Kodak

Rennylea Kodak


Kodak's extreme skeletal length and neck extension makes him a standout. As much as his maternal sire, B1. He's a proven breed leader for calving ease. We see him as a top 3 heifer joining sire in Australia. Not to mention top 1% of the angus breed for IMF and scrotal.

Baldridge Command

Baldridge Command


C036's awesome phenotype, tremendous body and thickness - he's deep, thick, and square made, is adding more frame to our smaller to moderate cows.

QHF WWA Black Onyx 5Q11

QHF WWA Black Onyx 5Q11


No other young sire at his level of calving ease can match his performance and carcass combination. But his secret weapon is class leading feed efficiency against calving ease.

SS Niagara Z29

SS Niagara Z29


Another great frame improver without sacrificing maternal traits. Chosen for his curve bending growth and great feet and leg structure.

Connealy Commonwealth

Connealy Commonwealth


Commonwealth is our outcross American sire to imprint our primary breeding objectives of calving ease, carcass quality and moderate, fertile frame.

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